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In the world of social media stars and influencers, Gen Z creators like Charli D’Amelio, Addison Rae, and Emma Chamberlain dominate the landscape. But there’s another young trailblazer quickly rising up the ranks to join their elite ranks – meet Chloe Surreal.

This 23-year-old phenom from Orlando, Florida has leveraged her talent, tenacity, and authentic personal brand to amass over 50 million collective followers across platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.

But it’s not just the sheer size of her audience that makes brands clamor to work with her. Chloe’s vulnerability about her past struggles with bullying and getting started online have endeared her to fellow young people who find her inspiring and relatable.

As Chloe continues blazing a trail across social media and even branching into modeling, TV appearances, and other business ventures, there’s no limit to how massive her star power and influence could become.

This comprehensive profile covers all you need to know about this extraordinary Gen Z mover and shaker.

Chloe Surreal Bio and Wiki

Full NameChloe Smith (aka Chloe Surreal)
BirthdayMarch 5, 2001
Birth PlaceOrlando, Florida, United States
OccupationInfluencer, Actress, Comedian, Model, Podcaster
Years Active2016 – present
Key PlatformsYouTube, Instagram, TikTok
YouTube Subscribers5 million+
Instagram Followers10 million+
TikTok Followers20 million+
Relationship StatusRumored to be dating rapper & producer Mac Miller (unconfirmed)
Net Worth EstimateApproximately $15 million as of 2024
Residence(s)Homes in Los Angeles, CA and Orlando, FL
Brand PartnershipsCoach, Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors, Sephora, Coca-Cola, Uber Eats, Apple Music, Neutrogena
Film/TV RolesGuest panelist on late night talk shows, rumored variety streaming show in development
EducationUCLA Theater Arts program (did not complete degree)
Activism / CharityPromotes body diversity and inclusion; partners with anti-bullying and girls’ education charities
Fun FactsCollects funko pops; avid gamer; has pet French bulldog named Poppy

Humble Beginnings and Overcoming Adversity

Humble Beginnings and Overcoming Adversity

Born March 5, 2001, Chloe Surreal (birth name: Chloe Smith) hails from an average family with parents Laura and Dan who worked as Orlando real estate brokers. While the middle class upbringing provided financial stability, the social environment proved more challenging for young Chloe.

With a tall, slim frame and delicate facial features even as a preteen, other girls at school became envious of the attention she received for her looks. Chloe shares candidly that between ages 12 and 16, the bullying from female classmates intensified, leaving her anxious, depressed, and withdrawn. Rather than confide in parents or counselors, she coped by diving into the emerging digital space.

At just 15 years old in 2016, Chloe began experimenting with YouTube, sharing glimpses of her life and style. As a long-time fan of Michelle Phan and other OG beauty creators, making videos felt cathartic amidst the off-camera drama.

While the earliest vlogs lacked direction, the seeds of Chloe’s charismatic on-screen presence had been planted. She expanded onto Instagram next, finding that platform’s focus on visual aesthetics better catered to her modeling shots and outfit photos.

Finding Her Niche and Comedic Voice

By 2018, Chloe’s YouTube views remained modest and comments fixated on her appearance more than content. So at age 17, she decided to switch gears – veering away from the oversaturated beauty category and investing her creative energy into comedy instead.

Her sketches parodying high school stereotypes and exaggerated influencer personas revealed a goofy, unapologetic talent for physical humor. Chloe also mined comedy gold from funny dating stories and stabs at her own insecurities, letting audiences laugh with her rather than at her expense.

This comedic pivot proved a breakthrough, earning Chloe’s channel over 500K subscribers by the end of 2019. Fans – especially fellow teen girls – adored her willingness to look silly and risk jokes falling flat for their entertainment.

In an era where polished perfection reigned on Instagram feeds, Chloe’s authenticity on YouTube felt refreshing. By poking fun at unrealistic beauty standards that she herself modeled in photos, Chloe forged an intimate bond with viewers.

Come 2021, Chloe’s sketch comedy chops expanded beyond YouTube and conquered TikTok. She capitalized on viral trends with her own twists, mashing up dancing, acting, and joking. Highlights among her slew of breakout videos included satires of online schooling struggles during lockdowns, only children woes, and the pressures of swimsuit season.

Multi-Platform Powerhouse Reaching New Heights

Multi-Platform Powerhouse Reaching New Heights

As Chloe continued making viral hits look effortless heading into 2022, her meteoric growth reflected that crossover appeal. Her YouTube following now exceeds 5 million, expanding beyond Gen Z girls to capture more male peers laughing along too.

On TikTok, she’s since amassed over 20 million loyal “Surrealers” who await her latest laugh-out-loud sketch concepts and guest collaborations expanding her universe. And her Instagram steadily maintains 10+ million enraptured fans, as Chloe models for elite brands in glamorous shoots between silly selfie stories.

All this momentum scored Chloe official IT girl status in 2022, getting tapped for campaigns from legacy names like Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors, and Sephora…while also flexing her influence to move culture forward. That year, she appeared in Brandy Melville’s groundbreaking size-inclusive campaign – urging retailers to celebrate body diversity.

As both modeling and misconduct allegations disrupt the traditional fashion world, Chloe remains an advocate for ethical branding and casting. And she constantly uplifts fellow creators of color in collaborations addressing representation.

This big picture activism explaining why Chloe appeals broadly, welcoming audiences often ignored by Hollywood gatekeepers. She acknowledges privilege openly while leveraging it to open doors for historically marginalized voices.

Branching into Podcasting, TV Hosting and Product Lines

Between churning out viral videos across apps and expanding her fashion influence, Chloe still sought fresh channels for her transparency and humor. 2023 marked her foray into podcasting alongside her music manager boyfriend Mac Miller, co-hosting a series called No Filter featuring raw dialogues with fellow Gen Z stars about balancing fame pressures.

The podcast’s success captured the interest of TV producers, landing Chloe guest panelist spots on late night comedy shows roasting internet drama and clap backs. Now in 2024, rumors swirl Chloe recently signed a deal for her own TV variety program on streaming services blending sketch performances and celebrity interviews guided by her breezy charm.

But Chloe hasn’t abandoned her digital roots either, collaborating with Brandy Melville again in 2023 to launch an inclusive streetwear line expanding sizes up to 4XL. Industry analysts predict the stylish unisex collection could easily pull in 7 figures its first year through online direct-to-consumer sales alone thanks to her marketing influence.

Personal Life, Relationships, and Net Worth

Personal Life, Relationships, and Net Worth

Avoiding gossip blogs proves tough when you’re a rising Hollywood multi-hyphenate, but Chloe tries keeping romantic life details out of her content. Since 2021, some eagle-eyed fans have noticed subtle flirtations and coordinated trips suggesting she may be involved with rapper/producer Mac Miller.

Neither has confirmed officially they’re dating exclusively, but their clear affection and trust fostering her podcast partnership imply a deeper connection away from cameras.

Chloe splits time between homes in L.A. and Orlando to stay grounded near family, though rumors swirled in 2023 that she and Mac plunked down $5 million for a Beverly Hills love nest. With her empire expanding, estimated 2024 net worth calculations by MoneyInc approach $15 million and counting – rather remarkable for someone celebrating just their 23rd birthday!

What Does the Future Hold for Gen Z’s Comedy Queen?

If early years proved anything, Chloe Surreal never settles on just one passion project or platform. As her podcast opens thought-provoking dialogues, she may dip a toe into music production too promoting new artists signed to Mac’s label.

The rumored variety show could easily spin off into more acting roles, following in Zendaya’s footsteps from Disney star to Hollywood heavyweight. Real estate moguls in training, maybe she and Mac even flip houses between Tour stops!

But while new mountains beckon this ambitious iconoclast onward and upward, longtime loyal supporters know Chloe will never leave her goofy digital sketch comedy roots behind. She’ll continue pulling back the veil of internet life’s absurdity for Gen Z alongside fellow boundary-pushing creators.

Because at her core, Chloe Surreal just wants to make people laugh while inspiring them to embrace self-love at every size, skin tone, or identity. With industry newcomers facing ruthless criticism she once endured firsthand, this compassionate trailblazer paves the way toward connection. And wherever her soaring trajectory leads next, she’ll carry admirers with her each step feeling a little less lonely.

That diplomatic but playful presence makes Chloe THE Gen Z talent to watch as her generation writes Hollywood’s next chapter. Much lies ahead, but the pages turn brighter with her laughter leading the way.


From gutsy origin story rising above bullies to multi-platform phenom and cultural force at just 23 years old, Chloe Surreal represents the kind of ambition, authenticity, and heart Gen Z demands from public figures they elevate to fame.

But rather than loose sight of fans who catapulted her viral or exploit stardom selfishly, she pays kindness forward – opening doors for marginalized voices beside her own. Despite accomplishments scoring modeling contracts, TV deals, business ventures and an 8-figure net worth, Chloe stays grounded in goofy sketch comedy roots keeping work fun!

With even bigger moves sure to unfold in 2024 and beyond, one thing about Chloe remains constant: she’ll stay real while making audiences roar with laughter in between inspiring them to love themselves fiercely. Gen Z’ers have found their groundbreaking role model headlining Hollywood’s new generation. Her future looks to shine as brightly as her fans who made it possible.

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