Chrisean Rock and Her 11 Siblings: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

Social media star and budding rapper Chrisean Rock has gained fame over the last year through her tumultuous relationship with West Coast rapper Blueface. Videos of the couple’s fights, arguments, and makeup sessions have spread widely online.

But behind the drama is the story of Chrisean’s large family back in Baltimore. In total, Chrisean has 11 siblings for a grand total of 12 children born to her parents Charla Malone and Eugene Arthur Malone. Who exactly are Chrisean’s many siblings? What do these lesser-known members of the Chrisean Rock family tree do? Let’s explore the key details about this uniquely large family.

How Many Siblings Does Chrisean Rock Have?

In multiple interviews, Chrisean has spoken about growing up in Baltimore, Maryland alongside her 10 brothers and sisters under the same roof. Her parents welcomed an exceptionally high number of 12 children total.

Several of Chrisean’s siblings have started to gain some recognition due to her fame, but most remain outside of the public spotlight. She has a diverse mix of brothers and sisters through both blood and her parents’ previous relationships.

The full known list of siblings by age includes:

  1. Terence Dorsey
  2. Eugene Malone
  3. Tessa Manning Malone
  4. Obadiah Malone
  5. Latifa Malone
  6. Chastity Malone
  7. Unique Dorsey
  8. Sierra Dorsey
  9. Terine Malone
  10. Petey Tucker
  11. Chrisean Rock

This totals up to the 11 siblings Chrisean references frequently when discussing her unconventional childhood surrounded by so many family members in the same house.

Getting to Know the Lesser-Known Siblings

While Chrisean garners nonstop headlines for her fights and controversies with boyfriend Blueface, her band of brothers and sisters live much more anonymously. Let’s uncover what little details are available about a few of them online and in interviews.

Terence Dorsey

Terence Dorsey

The oldest sibling in the entire family, Terence tends to keep an extremely low profile. In fact, almost no reliable public information exists about his current life or occupation.

As the elder brother though, one might imagine Terence stepping in at times behind the scenes in an advisory capacity as Chrisean navigates viral fame and her toxic relationship cycles playing out publicly. But he has yet to make any direct statements on her behalf.

Eugene Malone

Eugene Malone

Unlike most of the other, more reserved siblings, Eugene has directly inserted himself into Chrisean’s drama on a few rare occasions. He usually defends his sister and provides context around their family dynamics from his perspective.

For example, after one altercation with Blueface, Eugene came to Chrisean’s defense and spoke about abuse she has historically suffered — while simultaneously criticizing her choice to remain in the relationship.

In the interview he states:

“Chrisean has been in abusive relationships her whole life. She doesn’t know what real love looks like or how she should be treated…But I can’t judge her for staying with him cause she stayed in abusive relationships her whole life.”

This offers rare insight into family background and experiences that possibly engrained normalization of dysfunction or violence that Eugene himself struggled to overcome:

“I used to be just as toxic as Blueface! I was a woman beater… I used to drink Hennessy, pop pills, and was in and out of jail just like him…God changed my life and I pray he changes Blueface and my sister’s life too.”

Professionally, Eugene is believed to work in Maryland as a barber or hairstylist. He occasionally references working long hours on his feet in this field while still finding time to be an attentive brother checking in on Chrisean.

Tessa Manning Malone

Tessa Manning Malone

There is still limited reliable information available about sister Tessa Malone at this time. Based on minimal social media activity though, she appears to still reside in Baltimore near other family members.

Tessa seems to closely guard details about her personal life and current whereabouts despite having a sibling like Chrisean who broadcasts messy relationship troubles to hundreds of thousands daily.

Perhaps Tessa strategically avoids any spotlight to focus on raising the young son occasionally visible on her social media pages. Or maybe she simply has an introverted personality preferring privacy over fame.

Whatever the reason, Tessa protects her life outside of Chrisean’s sphere of viral influence.

Obadiah Malone

Obadiah Malone

Similarly, very little is concretely known publicly about brother Obadiah Malone. He seems to intentionally maintain distance from social media pages where relationship disputes might play out.

Obadiah appears to take a philosophical high road rather than engaging in family drama overflowing onto Instagram live and YouTube. Without an obvious personal public profile to uncover more about Obadiah’s current life and pursuits.

Latifa Malone

Latifa Malone

Latifa is reportedly the closest sister to Chrisean in age. She almost certainly witnesses her sister’s outbursts and controversies behind the scenes during visits and family events.

Yet Latifa has completely avoided participating or commenting on any drama as Chrisean continues making headlines. This suggests a very intentional choice to stay detached from such toxicity despite physical proximity at times.

Not much else could be reliably gathered on Latifa’s current whereabouts or occupation. Does she stay busy with a career and family of her own? Or does Latifa feel pressure to frequently check in on her notorious sister falling apart on the public stage during the highest highs and lowest lows alongside Blueface?

Without direct insight from Latifa herself, speculation runs rampant about why someone so close to Chrisean chooses anonymity instead.

Chastity Malone

Chastity seems to closely follow sister Latifa’s lead in terms of evading media and fan obsession with Chrisean’s rollercoaster world of fame. Consciously sidestepping toxicity no doubt proves emotionally relieving.

But does Chastity wrestle with guilt over leaving Chrisean isolated and surrounded only by enabling yes-men with alterior motives? Probably not, considering Chrisean often violently lashes out when hearing hard truths — even from blood relatives.

Nonetheless, Chastity’s silence是否 suggests inner turmoil over watching a beloved sibling self-destruct so publicly? Likely the healthiest decision, but perhaps not easy nonetheless.

Unique Dorsey

Distinct from the many Malone siblings, Unique has a last name connecting her directly to Terence as a likely a half or stepsister to Chrisean.

Their status lacking a shared as showcases thew blended family that d Chrisean to heights of popularity and turmoil most could never relate to.

Still, concrete public information related to Unique’s work, interests, or personal relationships remains hard to uncover at this time.   Does she happily lead an ordinary life fully outside her infamous sister’s orbit? Or does Unique check social media with concern about Chrisean’s safety and wellbeing despite physical and emotional distance?

The mystery remains around this peripheral sibling who shares loose family ties to the chaotic star.

Sierra Dorsey

Also sharing the Dorsey surname, Sierra seems to want no part of widespread attention despite having a sibling like Chrisean who attracts intense media coverage nonstop. Details on her current life path remain elusive.

Does Sierra strategically avoid association with her half-sister to focus on raising the young daughter occasionally visible on her social media pages? Or does she sit on the sidelines concerned and frustrated over Chrisean’s dangerous patterns playing out so publicly?

Without direct statements or insights into her perspective, Sierra’s experience witnessing rabid fandom surrounding Chrisean’s fights with Blueface stays shrouded in secrecy.

Terine Malone

Yet another sibling who has evaded media coverage and drama is Terine. He seems to intentionally maintain distance from his increasingly famous sister’s toxic ups and downs with Blueface.

Does Terine ever wish to leverage Chrisean’s platform to boost his own music ambitions? Or has watching her turbocharged career take off alongside equally swift downfalls scared him straight about seeking fame and fortune so young?

Without the inside track on Terine’s personal stance, his relationship to Chrisean’s viral mess only fuels more unanswered questions.

Petey Tucker

Petey Tucker

Rounding out the list of 12 children raised in the same household is brother Petey Tucker. Like others in the family, Petey has completely avoided any public statements or associations with Chrisean Rock media frenzies. His focus evidently stays internal to personal relationships despite having a potential platform.

Petey seems to live the furthest off the grid without an identifiable presence on social media or other channels. Did Petey consciously make this choice after watching Chrisean’s online life spin out if control? Does he view internet culture and virality as dangerous distractions to be avoided?

Or perhaps Petey wanted fame for himself once upon a time when watching Chrisean gain hundreds of thousands of obsessive followers overnight alongside Blueface. Did jealousy or resentment play a role in his disappearances as she shot towards influencer stardom?

Sadly none of these fascinating psychological perspectives from Petey see the light of day. He forfeits proximity to celebrity possibly to maintain peace of mind.

Chrisean Rock

And now for the woman herself — Chrisean Rock initially entered the spotlight merely as Blueface’s fiery girlfriend whom he showered with lavish gifts and affection when in good graces. But she quickly amassed her own highly engaged social media following through broadcasting fights, arguments, and adult content featuring the couple.

Their tumultuous dynamic enraptured audiences as a can’t look away train wreck of high passion and volatility in equal measure. Now at only 22 years old, Chrisean sits at over 700k Instagram followers. She monetizes the attention through outlets like the Zeus Network “Baddies” show.

But Chrisean still struggles with trauma, family dysfunction, and inner turmoil behind the scenes back home in Maryland between public confrontations with Blueface while cameras roll.  This perpetual imbalance between seeking fame and reckoning with pain often plays out in self destruction triggering great concern from siblings.

Most recently, allegations of severe abuse surfaced after Chrisean visited family around the holidays. An alleged photo of her injuries emerged on social media, although no police charges have been filed involving Blueface to date. During the controversy though, her brother Eugene felt compelled once again to speak publicly defending his sister:

“The abuse and the things she goes through, it needs to stop.”

He goes on calling for dividends from her fame to benefit family back home:

“She’s taking care of a dude worth millions. But her family back home is still struggling.”

This disconnect haunts many siblings wondering if Chrisean’s priorities stay in order as she chases notoriety and revenge seemingly at all costs.

Chrisean Rock’s Parents

Of course, none of these stories unfold without first understanding parents Charla and Eugene Arthur Malone. The two raised nearly a dozen children under challenging financial circumstances in Baltimore, Maryland.

Her father Eugene has opened up on multiple occasions that coping mechanisms like alcohol hindered stability in the crowded household growing up. Chrisean’s brother Eugene specifically cites lacking structure as parents worked long, grueling hours just to scrape by.

Charla herself chased musical success without much luck in early adulthood. Does Chrisean carry out this inherited dream living vicariously through Blueface’s climbing rap stardom? Or is she following a darker path towards destruction her siblings pray she redirects from soon?

Despite past trauma and adversity though, the family remains tightly bonded — even as Chrisean introduces levels of volatility most have never encountered before. They unite when she faces harm like alleged abuse from Blueface captured in arguments broadcast widely.

At the center is matriarch Charla Malone — trying desperately to protect her daughter regardless of quarrels over dangerous choices under the spotlight. This force binding them through thick and thin characterizes why so many siblings withdraw from publicizing Chrisean’s troubles rather than contributing to toxicity.

In a recent interview with DJ Akademiks, Charla herself reflects on difficulties coming to terms with Chrisean’s unconventional fame path alongside Blueface:

“It was hard in the beginning…But she grown, she gotta live her life. I can’t live it for her.”

Does this resigned acceptance signal that Chrisean’s siblings feel the same as their mother — powerless to truly intervene while crashes play out so publicly?

For Charla as the key maternal figure it undoubtedly causes deep pain barely concealed on camera. One can only imagine how exponentially traumatic witnessing self-destruction of a daughter and sister continues impacting the marginalized family members only discussed briefly as Chrisean’s backstory.


Chrisean Rock breaking through as an influencer with a huge following introduced her eclectic family to the world — whether they wished for that attention or not. While most siblings avoid directly engaging in her contentious relationship with Blueface, some like brother Eugene periodically speak out in her defense.

But concrete details on the professional or personal lives of these lesser seen family members remain scant for now. Despite intense fascination with Chrisean’s every move, the inner workings of private citizens like her 10 sisters and brothers stay shrouded in mystery.

They lead relatively ordinary existences paralleling Chrisean’s rollercoaster of extraordinary viral stardom built on dysfunction with Blueface constantly enabled by reality TV executives and record producers seeking profits over ethics.

This dichotomy surely causes tension and difficulties behind the scenes on special occasions when the family still comes together as before. One might imagine terse interactions or passive aggression bubbling beneath the surface even as Chrisean’s siblings maintain outer solidarity in the face of controversies like alleged abuse.

But their shared adversity growing up fuels an enduring loyalty amongst the 12 children of Charlane and Eugene — however fragmented relationships become in adulthood under fame’s searing spotlight. This complicated family dynamic looms large in the background of Chrisean’s unrelenting series of publicmeltdowns coupled with reconciliations as her toxic bond with Blueface persists despite seemingly insurmountable odds.

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